тайцзи и цигун, Снежный дракон

    About us    

"Snow Dragon" - the northern branch of the Tai Chi and Qigong School of Wang Ling, has been working in Murmansk since January 2007. Education at the School is based on the author’s system of integrated harmonious human development, created by the master, the Zhong He system (和), which consists of two inextricably linked parts - Zhong He Tai Chi and Zhong He Qigong.


Zhong He system - on the one hand, it is a kind of master key for understanding the basics of Tai Chi and any other traditional martial arts, on the other hand, it is an effective method of healing, self-improvement, knowledge of oneself and the world.


We also practice historical Chinese fencing: sword Tai Chi style Chen, fan Tai Chi style Chen, Wudang sword, sword Mia Dao.

    About Master    

Master Wang Ling (王林) was born in 1977 in China, in the city of Cangzhou, Hebei Province in a family where they practice traditional martial arts, passing on the secrets of skill from generation to generation.


Wang Lin started practicing martial arts regularly at the age of five under the guidance of his father. He devoted his further life to the study of ancient knowledge and unique systems associated with the internal practices of qigong and tai chi chuan, which originated in China in ancient times.


The master developed the author’s system of comprehensive harmonious human development - the Zhong He system (和), which consists of two inextricably linked parts - Zhong He Tai Chi and Zhong He Qigong. The teaching methods at the School based on this system.




Master Wang Lin (王林)

Head of School


Victor Barkov

  • I started to practice the martial arts since 1978

  • 1990, I passed the exam on the standard course program of the Beijing Academy of Wushu

  • At Master Wang Ling's School since 2006

  • I regularly improve my skills at Master's seminar

  • 2007, I formed the Murmansk branch of the Wang Ling's School

  • 2008, I represented Wang Lin's School at the European Tai Chi Championship in Linkoping (Sweden), won a gold medal (Chen style) and silver (Yang style)

  • 2010, I represented Wang Lin's School at international taijiquan competitions in Cangzhou (Hebei Province, China). Won two bronze medals (Chen style and Chen style with Jian sword)

  • 2011, adopted by master Wang Lin as personal students

  • I conduct seminars on the Zhong Hae Tai Chi and Qigong System

  • I conduct regular and individual classes according to the methodology of the School

  • I conduct charity regular classes in tai chi and qigong for pensioners and the elderly as part of the regional program "Code of Longevity"

  • I collaborate with the Research Center for Biomedical Problems of Human Adaptation in the Arctic of the KSC of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Apatity, Murmansk Region) to study the influence of the techniques of Master Wang Lin on the human body living in the extreme North.

  • I am interested in photographyhttps://www.victorbarkovphotos.com



Tai chi and qigong

regular group:

Str. Sofya Perovskaya 21A, Murmansk Regional Scientific Library, 4th floor


Monday Wednesday Friday:

20.00 - 22.00

Tai chi and qigong

for seniors and seniors in the framework

of the Federal regional program "Longevity Code":

Str. Sofya Perovskaya 21A, Murmansk Regional Scientific Library, 4th floor.


Tuesday: 18.30 - 20.00

Saturday: 11.00 - 12.30

Individual sessions 

in tai chi and qigong, preparation of individual classes for health

Time, place and cost of employment are negotiated additionally.



183038, Murmansk,


e-mail: snowdragon51@mail.ru

tel.: +7 (911) 303-99-80

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